Balustrade fitting & Glass tools

1.Balustrade fittings Column accessories are mainly used for stair handrails. It is composed of several accessories There are many types of handrail tube connectors, including universal tube, straight tube, elbow tube, cross tube, three-way tube, bend four-way tube, angle three-way tube, 201 304 material, precision casting and stamping parts Glass to galss handrail bracket,glass to wall handrail bracket,Round tube 38.1 42.4 50.8 square tube 30 * 30 40 * 40 50 * 50 Type of swimming pool column: non perforated column, perforated column, 304 316 material, precision casting and wire cutting process Flange, decorative cover, precision casting and stamping parts All handrail accessories stainless steel 201 304 316,satin or mirror finish. 2.Glass Tools In construction, the professional glass cutting tools can be used to cut to the size you need, and the glass suction cup tool can easily help you pick up the whole piece of glass. Use a glue gun to fill in the gaps, such as water leakage in the door gap, gaps between tiles, glue can increase the adhesion between glass and doors and windows, etc.


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